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Keeping Your IT Infrastructure Safe

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Introduction Why are we talking about on a website on Wealth Management and Asset Protection?

Because a secure IT infrastructure is the most important element for building and protecting your wealth in a digitalized financial world.

Think about it.

  • What happens if your bank's computer "forgets" your account data?

  • What happens if your broker loses the access data to your stock - which are stored in a centralized account at the exchange?

  • What happens if a hacker grabs the Seed for your Bitcoin wallet from your Google Drive (conveniently stored there with your other passwords)?

Let's face it: If someone steals your data, you are screwed. This is why when working with our clients, we first make sure that the IT used to manage the assets are safe and comply with the most current industry standards.

Who to protect your data from

So who do we aim at?

  1. Financial Hackers and APTs

  2. Governments Sure, the government of the country you live in protects you - otherwise you would not live there.

But what happens if things change? Politics can change, and so can legal systems. Authorities might gain an interest in what you have done in the past, are doing right, and are planning to do in the future.

  1. Personal enemies

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